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Our goal at Four Paws Chiropractic is to inform people about animal chiropractic and help your pet reach its maximum health potential.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is animal chiropractic?
Animal chiropractic is the use of chiropractic techniques to align your pet's spine. 
Why would my pet need chiropractic?
Just like people your pet's spine can get out of place (mis-aligned) and this can cause problems such as neck pain, back pain, leg pain, tail pain, restricted range of motion or just cause them to not feel good.  By adjusting or re-aligning their spine it can help to get rid of their pain and get them feeling and playing like their old self again. 
Who does these chiropractic adjustments on my pet?
Dr. Leslie Rapsawich is a chiropractor who specializes in animal chiropractic.  She performs all the animal adjustments. 
What kind of training does she have?
Dr. Leslie Rapsawich received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker college of chiropractic.  She is licensed in the state of Ohio and practices chiropractic on humans in Grove City, Ohio.  While at Parker Dr. Leslie completed a six month course in Animal Chiropractic and was certified by Parker in Animal Chiropractic. 
What about my regular Veterinarian?
Dr. Leslie Rapsawich is a chiropractor who specializes in animal chiropractic, not a veterinarian.  Your pet should still be under regular veterinary care.  In order for Dr. Leslie to adjust your animal she will give you a veterinary release form for your veterinarian to sign saying that your pet is able to receive chiropractic care.
Where is Four Paws Chiropractic located?
Dr. Leslie is based out of her home in Hilliard, Ohio and sees most of her patients there.  If you are located in her local service area she can also make arrangements to travel to your home. 
How much does an adjustment cost?
The price for a canine/feline adjustment is $40.  A travel fee is additional to the cost of the adjustment.  Cash or check is accepted. 
How do I make an appointment?
Making an appointment is easy.  You can contact us in one of three ways.
1.  Fill out the contact us form and Dr. Leslie will contact you.
2.  Email Dr. Leslie at
3.  Call Dr. Leslie at 614-301-2431
Based in Hilliard, Ohio
Serving the Columbus Ohio metropolitan area
By appointment only
Most appointments on Saturdays.  
We hope to see you again!
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